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Registered Charity Number 1147323

#1. All Money Donated for Orphans goes to the Orphans

All money we have received from donations made on this website to-date have been used to help the orphans, or the few abandoned children, or elderly widows that we support. One offering went to aid the flood disaster relief in Pakistan, which we supported in 2010, and one for flood reief in Freetown, Sierra Leone which we helped in 2015. All workers in UK are volunteers and have paid their own or each others expenses. The overheads have been paid by the church in the UK and the trustees, so that one hundred percent of the money we have received has been used to fulfil the 'objects' of the charity. We intend to maintain this as long as it is practical to do so.

Every Charity in UK has to state its aims in such a way as to clarify what donations will be used for, and must fulfil the legal requirement for what is known as 'public benefit'. These are called the 'objects' of the charity. Here are the objects of Logos Apostolic Orphan Aid.

(1) The relief of poverty for the public benefit, in particular but not exclusively of orphans, abandoned children and slum children all under the age of 17, widows who have children and widows who are old and infirm as the trustees shall determine.
(2) The relief of financial need and suffering among victims of natural or other kinds of disaster in the form of money (or other means deeded suitable) for persons, bodies, organizations and/ or countries affected, as the trustees shall determine.

To be more specific we hope to help in the following ways:

(a) The provision of wholesome food and drink to enable the children to grow strong and healthy.
(b) The provision of clothing suitable for climate conditions and changes.
(c) The provision of housing/accommodation to protect them from exposure to extreme weather conditions which may otherwise cause health problems.
(d) The provision of essentials for everyday living such as utilities (electricity etc.) and personal hygiene, etc. that will improve their living conditions.

For the Children only.

(e) The provision of a Christian education that will advance their life and help them by developing their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals.
(f) The provision of recreational and leisure time activities provided in the interest of social welfare, designed to improve their conditions and quality of life.

We also hope to sponsor self-help projects which are agreed by the trustees that will enable those that we help to become more self sufficient.

Benefit to the Orphans and widows: Our donations will help them to have a far better quality of life. The orphans can grow up to be useful members of society with an education, and sound Christian morals and values.

Benefit to society in General: Instead of growing up as street children, uneducated, living by stealing, and generally being a public menace, these orphans can grow up cared for, educated to become honest and useful members of society.

Benefit to the donors: God has promised to help those who give to the poor, "Blessed is he who gives to the poor, the LORD will deliver him in time of trouble." (Psalm 41:1).

If you wish to sponsor a child in particular, the leaders in each country can make their own arrangements with you if you wish.

Three quick and easy ways to donate
to help Logos Apostolic orphans,
Click on the PayPal button below.

SECURE Click on this button to donate DONATION

If you require that your donation is used specifically for orphans in a particular country, then please contact Logos Apostolic Orphan Aid in UK and let us know,
(1) The date of your donation
(2) The currency and the amount donated
(3) Tell us "the country where the Orphans are you wish to help"
otherwise we will use it where we see the greatest need.

We thank you most sincerely for any donations that you give. May God reward you richly.

"Blessed is he who considers the poor; the LORD will deliver him in time of trouble.
The LORD will preserve him and keep him alive, and he will be blessed on the earth;
you will not deliver him to the will of his enemies."
Psalm 41:1-2

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