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Emergency Appeal of Ration Packages for Victims of Lock Down of COVID–19 in Multan, Pakistan

Target Group

Recently due to the emergence of Coronavirus(COVID-19) across the globe and also in Pakistan, a large number of low income communities are adversely affected by the lock down (confinement). This natural calamity has highly affected the poor and needy people and we need to quickly move ahead and protect our people with emergency relief for daily wagers and labourers. In this high need of the hour, we request your generous donations/love gifts in order to fulfil the basic food and living needs of the marginalized families. Although the Government of Pakistan announced a package of Rs. 12,000 Cash under Ehsaas Program but these identified 1000 families are such people that were not able to get any support from the government. Large numbers of philanthropists are already working but we have identified only such families that are still unreached by any of the charitable organization till now.

Donations Target

Although there are a great number of needy families but immediately, we are in need of food ration for 1000 very needy families that have not been reached by any philanthropist or supporting organization. The average food packet’s cost is approximately Pak. Rs. 12,310 which will contain all necessary food items for 30 days (one month) that will be enough for them to survive till the current lock down ends (4 weeks from 27 May, 2020 onwards).

Material Needed

Following is the detail and Cost of Food Package

COVID-19 lockdown appeal in Multan, Pakistan.

Serving Area or Location

We have already selected 1000 very needy and poor families from all Christian Settlements of Multan, Pakistan. There are many large Christian settlements but our target beneficiaries will be from all faith with no discrimination of caste, creed and faith. Only being very needy and unable to have access to food supply for their families due to lack of resources during the lock down is the major criteria of selection.

Bank Information for Bank Wire Transfer

Bank A/C No: 3128301900231253
Swift Code: FAYSPKKA

Contact Details:

Marcus Younas,
CEO, Imsaal Associates,
Naqashband Colony, Multan 60000 Pakistan
Ph. No. +923007365783
Email: marcus.younas@gmail.com

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Donate for what?

If you require that your donation is used specifically for these Multan orphans, then please contact Logos Apostolic Orphan Aid in UK and let us know,
(1) The date of your donation
(2) The amount donated
(3) Tell us "Multan orphans", otherwise we will use it where we see the greatest need.

We thank you most sincerely for any donations that you give. May God reward you richly.

"Blessed is he who considers the poor; the LORD will deliver him in time of trouble.
The LORD will preserve him and keep him alive, and he will be blessed on the earth;
you will not deliver him to the will of his enemies."
Psalm 41:1-2

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