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Logos Apostolic Orphan Aid Privacy Policy

#1. Introduction

This privacy policy is for this website https://laorphanaid.org.uk and served by Logos Apostolic Orphan Aid in UK and governs the privacy of its users who choose to use it. This policy explains the different areas of user privacy outlining the obligations and requirements of the users, the website, and its owners. It explains the way this website processes, stores and protects user data, and information will also be detailed within this policy.

#2. Logos Apostolic Orphan Aid Website

This website is owned by Logos Apostolic orphan Aid Chairman Roy Page who has a positive approach to respect and protect user privacy, and ensure that the necessary steps are taken to protect the privacy of its users during their visit to it.

#3. Use of Cookies

The web server that this website is on may use cookies, but we do not and we do not monitor its visitors by any form of website statistics.

#4. Contact & Communication

Users using the contact forms on this website do so at their own discretion and provide any such personal details requested at their own risk. Your personal information is not stored on this website by us, so it cannot be hacked by anyone. Every effort has been made to ensure safe and secure forms to submit information to us. Every page has a Content Security Policy defined in it giving instructions to browsers what not to allow, and the whole site has an SSL certificate which ensures all information sent is encoded so that it cannot be read by others. We still advise users using such contact forms to email us that they do so at their own risk.
We use any information submitted to provide you with our services or to assist you by answering any questions you may send us. None of your personal information is stored on this site; it is sent to whoever you have directed it to, and a copy to Logos Apostolic Orphan Aid in UK. Your details are not sold by us or passed on to any third parties.

#5. External Links

We believe the external links on this website are all of good quality, safe and relevant. Most of them go to our church website https://www.logosapostolic.org. We cannot guarantee or verify the contents of any other externally linked website although we believe they are all perfectly safe.

#6. Sponsored Links and Adverts

This website does not contain sponsored links or adverts. However, if you search this website using the Free-find search box, you will be taken to the Free-find site which does use sponsored links. Clicking on any such adverts will send you to the advertisers website through a referral program which may use cookies and will track the number of referrals sent from their website. This may include the use of cookies which may in turn be saved on your computers' hard drive. Users should therefore note they click on sponsored external links at their own risk and this website and its owners cannot be held liable for any damages or implications caused by visiting any such external links mentioned. You can read Free-find's privacy policy here for further information http://www.freefind.com/policy.html.

#7. Resources & Further Information

Data Protection Act 1998
Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003

End of Privacy Policy

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